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Water Leakage in Ceiling

Water leakage in the ceiling, does not necessarily mean that the roof has cracks. In some instances, if you are staying in an apartment or condominium, your immediate ceiling is connected to the floor of the above unit. So any water leakage in your ceiling may be due to water seeping through from the unit above.

Within Defect Liability Period

If you had newly purchased that high-rise unit, and it is within 48 months after hand-over, the developer is responsible to repair such water leakage in your unit. However, if it is pass the defect liability period, the owner has to resolve the issue by themselves.

Above your unit is Common Area for the high-rise

If the area above your unit is the common area for the high-rise, such as lobby, swimming pool, open area or common facilities, usually the joint-management body of the high-rise would be responsible to repair the water leaking problem.

Above your unit is another owner of a unit in the high-rise

In the instance where the water leaking is from another unit within the high-rise, directly above your unit, the common and fair practice is to discuss with the owner above on the repair solution and to share equally. However, in practical terms, many owners for the above unit, are unwilling to bear even half the costs of repair. And it would be too much of hassle to investigate and proof that the water leakage was due to negligent of the owner of the above unit to require them to share the costs. Thus, in most instances, the owner of the below unit would need to incur costs to repair the water leakage, as it affects their unit directly, if the problem is not rectified.

method of repair

Method of repair

    1. One of the main methods of repair is usually to hack and repair the flooring for the above unit. For example, if the water leaking area is resulting from the toilet of the above unit, we can hack, and waterproof the toilet flooring, before reinstall the toilet flooring.                  This method is the most long-lasting and preventive measures to repair these water leakages. Most suitable for double-storey landed property, but may not be so suitable for water leakages in high rise unit.
    1. The more practical method would be using (Polyurethane) PU Injection. With this method, you can do the repair from the unit below, and without even needing the approval of the above units.                What this method does is just that our specialist will make a few inches deep hole, inject the polyurethane into the hole. And when the polyurethane make contact with the water, it will crystalize, expand and fill up the cracks. Hence, it will block the water leakage holes.


As these are very technical work, it is always advisable to get a specialist like ourself to help you fix the problem immediately. If this rectifying work is not done properly, the problem may recur, and you may need to redo the entire rectification work again.

We are the waterproofing specialist, and have more than 30 years of experience in this industry. We are known for our quality workmanship, immediate response and cheap pricing. Our area of scope is predominantly in KL and Selangor. If you have any needs, feel free to call us for free consultation. We also have a separate team for plumbing, roofing as well as electrician.

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