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Roof Top Waterproofing

Roof top waterproofing is a method used to prevent water from seeping into the materials of the roof and penetrate into your house. It helps to reduce humidity and protects your house from water damage such as leaking and mold infestation. Roof waterproofing can also restore roof surface and help improves roof structure so it can last longer without cracks and rot.

The most common roofing problems are leaks. It could be a result of many issues such as damaged or missing shingles due to extreme weather, poor installation, lack of maintenance and wear and tear roof. Thus, our roof services provide regular maintenance for inspection, repair and replacement for your roof problems. We also provide roof waterproofing to enhance your roof lifespan and prevent further damage in the future which will cost more money.

Types of Waterproofing method

There are different types of waterproofing methods used depends on the roof.

  • Liquid waterproofing membrane uses primer coat that turns into rubbery coating when liquid cures.
  • Bituminous membrane waterproofing used for low-sloped roofs is self-adhesive due to its composition and it can withstand wear and tear due to weather.
  • Meanwhile, polyurethane liquid membrane waterproofing is used in flat roof and area exposed to weather. It can be applied seamlessly and penetrate roof surface deeply which can fill in cracks and reduce its water absorbing capacity.

How we can resolve your waterproofing needs

We are expert in roof top waterproofing, we provide experienced worker to handle your roof problems and quality waterproofing installation for long lasting roof life span and your building protection in the long run. 

Our services include Kuala Lumpur area such as KLCC, Cheras, Kepong, KL Sentral, Bangsar, Setapak, OUG and Seputeh. Whilst in Selangor, we cover Petaling Jaya, Gombak, Sungai Buloh, Ampang, Shah Alam, Klang, Puchong, Subang, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Seri Kembangan and Semenyih.

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