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Common electricity-related issues

There are many electricity-related issues that may arose in the normal course of staying or managing a property. It may range from small issues such as causing inconvenience due to occasional power blackout, to bigger issues such as short circuit in offices, resulting in losses due to business shutdown. In a more serious condition, it may result in injury or even death. For example, the common electricity-related problems are:

  • Did not use 3-phase wiring

This is a common issue, as not all electricians are familiar with 3-phase wiring. This type of wiring provides a much higher electricity safety threshold, and any person from getting injured or killed.

  • Blackout or power outages

There could be many reasons that resulted in power outages, such as fuse burnout, old electrical wires tripping, electricity leakages or over-used electricity in a particular power plug point.

  • Power trip

There are also instances where power trip occurs, sometimes during the rainy season, whilst other times it happens when u switch on too many electrical items. This could be due to too many power plug points sharing the same fuse, which causes the fuse to be over-worked.

  • Electric shock

This is when we get shocked by the electric current when we touched certain electrical items. This is very dangerous as it indicates that there are electricity leakages for the electrical item, and if unresolved it may cause serious injury or even death.

  • Water leakages which may result in short circuit

Water leakages may often happen due to leaking roof or from the unit above in an apartment. Such water leakages may cross some of the old wiring in the walls or ceiling. Hence, this may easily lead to short circuit

All these issues arose due to previous electrical wiring not done properly and professionally. Regardless if you just purchased a sub-sale house, or your existing property having potential future electrical issues. You may also currently face immediate short circuit issues. It is crucial that you get your electricity-related issues rectified immediately.


Do contact your best electrician near you in KL Selangor, to check and inspect, repair and rectify, and reinstall new wiring to your property. Avoid all the potential future inconvenience as well as safety hazard to your property as well as your family members. We are known for our fast response, quality workmanship, experienced electrician and cheap pricing.

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