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Electric-related Installation Services

We also provide professional electrician for electrical installation services such as water heater, lightings, aircond and auto-gate installation. Our expert electrician will make sure proper and quality electrical installation services for safety, cost and time effective and longer lasting usage for you and your building.

Water Heater Installation

Water Heater Installation

Electric water heater is an appliance that uses electricity to heat and supply hot water. It can last between 6-12 years depends on its proper maintenance. Water heater is important in daily use for cooking, washing, bathing and drinking. It provides enough supply of hot water that can be used anytime at our convenience. It is also easy to install and low cost which does not require additional hacking, plumbing or piping and requires minimal maintenance.

Lighting Installation

Lighting installation is a fixed electrical lighting system in a building that includes lighting device to distribute light, control gears and all necessary components for protection of the device. Proper lighting is very important as comfortable level of brightness will allow us to see clearly, move around safely as well as to increase architecture value. Four types of lighting include ambient, task, accent and decorative lighting depends on its purpose and location in the building. Appropriate lighting installation can reduce eye fatigue, headaches, prevent incidents and other safety hazards.

Air-condition Installation

Air-condition Installation

Air conditioning is often used cool an area or room for comfort. It is an appliance that control temperature, humidity and purity of the air in the area. It removes warm air from inside the building and pump it outside while releasing cool air back into the building. Adequate aircond installation is important to provide comfortable and cool temperature for human, reduce dehydration and heat stroke, reduce heat in electronic devices in building as well as keep indoor building from outside pollution.

Auto-gate Installation

Auto-gate installation is used for automatic opening and closing of a gate from a distance using a remote-control button. There are six types of automatic gates including slide, cantilever, swing, vertical lift, vertical pivot life, bi-folding and barrier arm gate. Auto gate installation is very convenience during bad weather, reduce time from leaving property to open the gate, enhanced security from theft, expand privacy in the building area, increase property value and optimized safety for people inside.


All above services requires experienced and quality electrician for proper installation. Our professional electrician will first inspect the situation, locate and assess the work to be done and lastly ensure both electrical and plumbing connections are properly done. They will also check if installation complies with safety requirements. Faulty installation could lead to serious problems, fire and even explosion which put lives at risk and property damage.

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