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Balcony Waterproofing

Balcony waterproofing involves in applying waterproof membrane layer to protect the underlying structure from water leakage or damage. Balcony is the most susceptible area to rainfall and constant heat from the sun. With the expansion and contraction resulting from the weather, it makes the issue of water ponding and water leaking often happening in balcony. Therefore, waterproofing the balcony is an essential part of the building works and must be done quickly to avoid future damage.

Stagnant water on your balcony is a sign that your deck has a persistent drainage issue and if left unattended over time it could cause more serious problems such as rot and structural damage. With water ponding on your balcony, it will usually cause water seepage and subsequently cracks on the floors as the issue becomes more serious.

The most susceptible areas where water leakages occur in balcony derives from 2 main areas, such as angle fillet which the angle between the wall and floor of the balcony. This is because inadequate waterproofing is only done on the floor of the balcony, instead of the angle between the floor and the wall. Secondly, it is the area near the drainage for the rain water gutter at the balcony. If the waterproofing is incorrectly done previously, it will result in the joint between the floor and the drainage hole easily susceptible to cracks and water leakage.

Types of waterproofing method

Waterproofing membrane consists liquid and sheet membranes. Bituminous membrane is the most used to waterproof under the substrate of balconies and terraces. If the flooring is in good shape, it might be enough to directly waterproof the floor using liquid waterproofing. However, if the tiles are damaged it should first be removed and waterproof the underlying layer which is the substrate.


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