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Roof Leakages and Roof Repair

In Malaysia, water leakages in roofs are a common problem, especially for old properties. This may be due to the wear and tear on the roofs, resulting from the direct heat and rain on the roofs. Such constant heat and rain has cause the roofs to expand and contract, thus resulting in cracks on the roofs. It will then start to show, firstly through water seepages, and then cracks appearing on the roofs resulting in roof leakages.

Water Seepage

Usually, you will see damn spots on the walls near the roofs. There may not be too much water seepages, as usually the cracks are very smalls and you may miss these indicators if you are not observant.


Sometimes, moulding may occur if there are constant water seepages over a period of time. The dampness on the wall and ceiling makes it easy for mould to grow on the wall and ceiling.

Cracks on the wall

Cracks on the wall are quite frequent, and may arose due to soil movements on the ground. It is considered minor defects, if there are no water seepages through the cracks. However, if there are dampness on the surrounding wall, then it is imperative to quickly repair the cracks and determine if waterproofing is necessary to avoid the problem from becoming more serious.

Cracks on the ceiling

Cracks on the ceiling is a more serious issue, as it may arose from more serious soil movements on the ground. It may even indicate potential structural damages to the building. If this is not rectified immediately, it may lead to the problem becoming more serious, and the rectification costs may increase exponentially as the problem deteriorate.

Roof Repair Specialist

If you encounter water leakages to your roofing or water seepages to your property, it is best to get a roof repair specialist to diagnose and fix the problem. It is always best to fix and repair your water-induced issues once and for all, as if you don’t, the problem may escalate and deteriorate much further. In the end, it will result in more rectification work needed, thus increasing the cost of repair.

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