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Roof Refurbishing

Roof can be overlooked after years of exposure to sun and weather conditions. The lifespan of roof depends on various factors such as roof materials, weather conditions and surroundings including trees and animals that may cause damage to roof. We offer experienced roofing contractor with quality work skills whether your roof need to be repair, refurbish or replace depending on roof conditions and possible damage.

If there are signs of roof deteriorating sooner than its life span, it is best to start replacing the old roof. Especially when there are missing shingles, worn or damaged shingles and loose shingles. Roofing material with latest technology can help roof last longer by extending roof life for another 20-30 years with new roofing improvements such as reflection, insulation and durability. These roofing materials and improvements can help in energy savings using minimal heating and cooling, time and cost effective with minimal maintenance in the long run. New roof can increase property value, provide safety for people in the building, avoid water leaking and water damage during raining and storm, and saves energy.


Refurbishing New Roof

Refurbishing new roof is more affordable than replacing entire roof. It reuses existing roof and improve overall health of roof to make it lasts longer and performs better. Rather than repairing tiny section of roof, refurbish roof means restores and upgrades roof as a whole. If there are signs of water damage and roof structure has been affected, it is best to start refurbishing your roof. It involves roof inspection, thorough cleaning and applying protective coatings to roof. Once we identify and repair any loose, crack and broken part of roof, we will clean it using pressure water to remove any dirt, mold, debris and foreign objects. Then we will apply filler coats, protective coats and seals by painting the roof. There are 4 types of coating which are acrylic, silicone, polyurethane and fluid-applied asphaltic rubber membrane.

We make sure the process of roof replacement or refurbishing goes smoothly. We also provide regular inspections for roof maintenance and to check on signs of damage to make sure you won’t need for extensive repairs in the future. Our roof maintenance services also include cleaning debris on the roof or clearing rain water gutter.

Roof performance is mostly based on quality materials, proper installation and a preventive maintenance. Different roof types and materials offers different functionality.

  • Asphalt, wood and clay roof require higher slope so water can flow down easily to avoid stagnant and leakage.
  • Concrete tiles and slates require more support structure as they are heavier than wood and asphalt shingles.
  • Asphalt shingles are waterproof but expose to heat will cause it to crack.
  • Wood shingles are prone to cracks, fungus, decays and damage from weather but once damaged has to be replaced.
  • Clay roof tile are common material used that can last to 100 years, immune to insects and rot damage, saves energy and low maintenance.
  • Concrete roof tile similar to clay tile, are strong, long lasting and easy to maintain despite its heavy weight.
  • Lastly metal roof made from copper, aluminum, steel or alloy can withstand extreme weather, pests, rot and saves energy.


Give us a call for a professional roofing contractor when you are choosing whether to get your roof repaired, refurbish or replace. There are many potential concern areas, that it is better to engage a team of roofing contractors that understand your roof needs. We will make sure to deliver quality work and materials for your roof inquiries.

Our services are covered in Kuala Lumpur area including Putrajaya, KL Sentral, Bangsar, Setapak, KLCC, Cheras, Kepong, OUG and Selangor area including Shah Alam, Klang, Puchong, Subang, Petaling Jaya, Gombak, Sungai Buloh, Ampang, Cyberjaya, Seri Kembangan and Semenyih.

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